We provide:

  1. Branding and Marketing

HT Zone provides solution in finding the most effective and efficient way for clients to elevate their businesses through various means.

  1. Web Design/E-Commerce and Hosting

Offering the client a comprehensive customized web design package to creates identity to the client’s organization. HT Zone also provides web hosting and co-location services and makes the client to be valued-for-money. Providing set-up of dedicated server services to suits the client’s needs including Windows and Unix Server. Giving customer consultancy in improving their website effectively and efficiently.

  1. App Development

All of the needs for mobile platform and solutions will be created to cater to you and your users. For best mobile user experience and consumer engagement.

  1. IT Training

Help clients to understand various concepts on how to plan and create a community portal that introduces the use of content management system in a hassle free and affordable manner.

  1. Skills futures Training

HT Zone provides a variety of courses to optimize client’s ability to their maximum capability. The options that are available through the websites could be customized accordingly to the client’s needs.

  1. Grant Consultancy

Help client in understanding, applying and decrease their cost to increase their business innovation and productivity.

  1. Overseas Marketing & Research

HT Zone has connections to different overseas market segment.   Giving its client advantage to tap on for overseas expansion.