Course Objective

By end of the hands-on workshop, students will be introduced to the best practices of Facebook marketing, on a step by step on how to setup their Facebook Page, and will be able to create and launch an effective Facebook marketing campaign.


Course Content

In this training, you will learn:
– Creating a Facebook page
– How to create and promote your Facebook page
– How to write winning ad copy
– How to use Custom Audience and Interests to Zoom-Down your target market
– Generate report of click and conversion tracking
– Interest group and community adv Course Module Introduction to Facebook Business Page [ 1 Hour ] – Facebook ad Marketing Flow
– Facebook Marketing Basic Crediting a well written Facebook & Post Page Profile [ 3 Hour ] – Creating a Facebook Business Page
– Creating Facebook Page Post Introduction to Facebook Ad Basic Elements [ 4 Hour ] – How to use Audience Insight tools
– How to promote a Facebook page
– How to create Facebook ad
– Generating Facebook ad report
– Ad campaign evaluation

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